Odd fish chronicles I - Confidence: an experiment is the first in a mini series about my experiences (1)

How it started

It can take me a month to recover from attending a conference. But in the before times, there was only one way to come together. That one way was in a large noisy group to squint different at a distance stage. …

Even though individual sectors have their own way of talking and thinking about harm, the experience of the person at the receiving end is often pretty consistent. Unexpected high bills or charges are rarely welcome. A refusal to communicate in the way a customer needs is poor service by any…

It’s time for suppliers and the regulator to step up

Last month energy regulator Ofgem revealed that the country’s smallest businesses were paying at least 35% more than they should for their energy.

Small businesses often struggle to get a fair deal in the energy market. Unregulated sales people and complex processes make it difficult to know if you’re on…

Elizabeth Blakelock

My personal blog sharing thoughts on consumer outcomes in essential markets.

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